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We hope our games provided some entertainment on your flight. Enter your heating story from our June word game, check your answers for the July crossword and wait to see what August will bring! We have lots of great information on our website on warming up more than just your mind; see how you can warm up your home as well.

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Upload a picture of your completed heating story, and we’ll send you an email with the funniest, best and most clever of the bunch.


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Just like the story you helped write, every homeowner has a unique heating story. Is yours going to be one of living in cold, damp misery, or are you ready to wake up to central heating?

Learn about what we can offer New Zealand homeowners or contact us now to get your real life story underway.


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Don’t worry if you missed a few—our team has all the heating answers so you don’t have to. Contact them now.


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