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1. Putting on an extra jersey is not heating. Make ________ a way of life!

4. Think beyond the farm: 1000s of rural and suburban South Island homes use this reliable fuel to stay warm in winter

6. The only type of heating that warms the whole home—despite what log fire and hot-air heat pump companies like to pretend

7. NZ’s Building Regulations require a measly single power socket for their minimum residential heating requirement, even though the World Health Organization recommends ________°C for a healthy living environment

10. Improve your ________ without dragging yourself to the gym by raising temperatures to a healthy level and reducing dust and allergens in your home

11. Come home to a ________ house, not an ice box

12. Our ________ come in a variety of styles, endless colour options and a 25-year guarantee*—and cats love ‘em

2. Most Kiwis only heat ________ or two rooms in their house, which means they spend the entire winter in one room, held prisoner by a feeble electric blanket (number)

3. While hot-air heat pump companies fight for the lowest noise rating, central heating is ________

5. ________ heating uses water-filled pipes laid beneath the floor to achieve maximum comfort with no aesthetic impact—an architect’s dream and a homeowner’s delight!

8. While ________ central heating is the standard in the rest of the developed world, most of New Zealand’s heating relies on patchy hot spots that leave most of the home cold (2 words)

9. Warm your whole home for the same monthly cost as warming just a couple rooms with ________ hot-air heat pumps (number)

13. Fantastic, reticulated central heating fuel option in the North Island, which South Islanders would give their eye-teeth for

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