Sign up to have a warm water central heating system installed in your Canterbury or West Coast home by 31 December 2016 and get two bedrooms of heating free*!

For most of Europe, North America and Asia, warm water central heating is the standard because it warms the whole home to a comfortable level without breaking the bank with high running costs. The popularity of central heating is increasing in New Zealand as homeowners wake up to the benefits of heating their whole home rather than just one or two rooms.

* Approximate value of $3500. Installation must be started within 12 months of sign up. Offer exclusive to Canterbury District Health Board staff members.


Why Warm Water Central Heating?

Comfortable: Central heating is the only heating method that heats the whole home evenly.

Healthy: Warm water central heating eliminates cold spots, drafts and damp.

Efficient: Water transfers energy at four times the rate of air, making warm water central heating systems much more energy efficient than warm air systems.

Flexible: We offer a range of different heat sources and heat distribution combinations.

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