Central Heating System Products

Radiators »

Radiator system overview, DeLonghi Universal and Designer radiators, connections, valves, fan coil radiators, and trench heater radiators.

Towel Rails »

DeLonghi towel rails suitable for complementing a central heating system or as a stand alone product fitted with electric elements.

Underfloor Heating »

Underfloor heating system overview, Multitubo pipes, connectors, components, cabinets and installation tools.

Controls »

Thermostats, timers and control systems.

Swimming Pool Heating »

Information on connecting pool heating to a central heating system.

Heat Exchangers »

Used to transfer heat from one circuit to another when the water in one shouldn’t mix with the water in the other.

Valves »

Valves and actuators for controlling the flow of water around the system.

Pumps »

Pumps circulate the hot water around the heating system to transfer heat from the heat source to the radiators and underfloor heating.

Expansion Vessels »

Expansion vessels contain a rubber diaphragm which absorbs the build up of pressure from the heated water.

Gas Boilers »

Gas boiler system overview and range of Baxi standard efficiency, condensing and commercial gas boilers and cascading gas systems.

Diesel Boilers »

Diesel boiler system overview and range of Firebird standard efficiency and condensing diesel boilers, as well as accessories, flue systems, tanks, bunds, spares and tools for diesel boilers.

Biomass Boilers »

Biomass system overview, log gasification boilers, atmospheric multi-fuel boilers, accessories and Poujoulat flue systems.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps »

Overview of air-to-water heat pumps and accessories.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps »

Overview of ground-source heat pumps and accessories.

Hot Water Production and Storage »

Domestic hot water cylinders, thermal storage cylinders and on-demand DHW production units.

Multitubo Pipe System »

Multitubo composite and PE-RT pipe and fittings.

System Treatments »

Fernox system treatment products, including cleaners, joint sealers and protectors.