The Benefits of Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Efficient Heating

Air-to-water heat pumps are a type of hot water heat pump used for hydronic central heating. Their high efficiency and easy-to-use nature suits kiwi homes perfectly, plus the recent addition of high temperature hot water heat pumps has also meant that these units are now no longer confined to underfloor heating applications but can now also be used with radiators.

How Air-to-Water Heat Pumps Work

Climaveneta by DeLonghi air-to-water heat pumps use the heat of the external air and transfer it to the house. The external air is cooled by passing over a finned heat exchanger. Thus heat is extracted from the evaporator of the heat pump. DeLonghi designs a complete range of air heat pumps with different sizes and characteristics, (6-60kW).

Keeping the home warm even in the snowy winter

Air-to-water heat pumps can draw heat from the air even in the coldest of winters

These electric appliances squeeze the most heat out of a unit of electricity, consistently achieving high efficiency, as they are specifically designed to heat in a cold environment as opposed to most air-to-air heat pumps or other air-to-water heat pumps that are designed to cool in a hot environment. Depending on ambient temperature and what you are heating your water to, the systems work on a rate of about 4:1, meaning for one unit of electricity you will get four units of energy. Because they use the natural heat in the air to heat the warm water flowing through the system, this type of hot water heat pump is completely renewable and eco-friendly.

DeLonghi air-to-water heat pump

DeLonghi air-to-water heat pump

All models have full floating (variable pump & fan) technology, with some having inverter compressors, and these systems have a high coefficient of performance even when there is a very low outside temperature (down to -15 degrees). The initial capital cost can be higher than for other conventional heating sources, but the source of the heat, the “air”, has no cost. The cost to the environment is also lessened because there is no burning of fossil fuels.

These hot water heat pumps are very compact in size and can be fitted in most locations. They can be used for heating purposes, as well as for the production of domestic hot water, or for both functions at the same time. Careful consideration needs to be taken on where to site the units. Central Heating New Zealand recommends mitigating noise issues with shrubbery or screening.

In order to retain efficiency (and low running costs) and to keep the system running smoothly, we recommend biennial servicing for air-to-water heat pumps.

To find out more, get our brochure on our range of DeLonghi Heat Pumps or get an idea of estimated running costs for hot water heat pumps and underfloor heating systems.

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