The Benefits of Biomass Boilers

Sustainable Carbon-Neutral Heating

With the rising price of gas and diesel, not to mention the wish for many to move towards a more sustainable fuel source, the option of wood fire boilers is very attractive.

Attack high efficiency wood boiler

Attack high efficiency wood boiler

Attack Log Gasification Boilers

For those on lifestyle blocks, Attack log boilers can be a good option. Whilst they may require a more hands-on approach than other more automated systems, log boilers have the ability to heat large homes and hot water cost-effectively for those with their own plentiful supply of free or cheap firewood. Two variants are available: atmospheric boilers, which have natural draught like a log fire, and gasification boilers, which are fan controlled and use a controlled burn process that releases and burns gases within the wood. Gasification boilers are more efficient and available in larger outputs.

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