The Benefits of Gas Boilers

The Latest Gas Boiler Technology

Gas boilers provide heat for radiator and underfloor systems equally well and can use either LPG or Natural Gas. This makes gas central heating a flexible option when determining which heating method is right for you. Gas boilers are the heat source of choice in the North Island. The availability of natural gas in that part of the country is at a cost per kWh that can only be beaten by geothermal heat pumps, but gas boilers are a quarter of the capital cost of geothermal heat pumps.

Central Heating New Zealand supplies a range of gas boilers suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

Baxi  Eco3 Gas Boiler

Baxi Eco3 Gas Boiler

Baxi Gas Boilers

For gas central heating, Central Heating New Zealand uses Baxi gas boilers for their efficiency and reliability. Baxi gas boilers can be fired by Natural Gas or LP Gas, and can be connected to reticulated mains gas or an LPG bottle station. Condensing boilers and standard efficiency system and combi boilers are available.

Baxi domestic Gas boilers are wall hung and they typically measure 700mm high x 400 wide x 300 deep. The boilers are available from 24kW upwards and can be cascaded together to provide in excess of 100kW per installation, meaning you can have gas central heating in small and large houses. Commercial gas boilers have wall hung and floor standing options available.

Virtually silent, gas boilers can be positioned almost anywhere inside a house. They use a balanced vertical or horizontal flue which is a concentric arrangement where the intake air for combustion is drawn into the burner from around the outside of the exhaust. This means that the flue has a cool exterior, that oxygen is not depleted inside the house and that condensation is not created.

Baxi gas boilers come complete with integral pump, expansion vessel, pressure relief valve and pressure gauge. They are also supplied standard with a 1m horizontal balanced flue. Control of the gas boiler running times can be via a remote thermostatic programmer or a boiler mounted controller.

In order to retain efficiency (and low running costs) and to keep the system running smoothly, we recommend annual servicing for gas boilers.

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