Central Heating New Zealand Specifies NuAge’s EzyMix Screed for All High-Performance Underfloor Heating Systems

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EzyMix Benefits

  • Loadable within 36 hours
  • Self-levelling
  • 1,000m² laid in 1 day
  • 60% less construction time
  • No need for shrinkage mitigation
  • No reinforcement is necessary

Client Testimonials

“It was a pleasure to use this product in the TSA Gracefields project as everything has gone so smoothly.”

- Robert Blandford (Arrow International site manager)

In the fast moving commercial and retail environment, time is money. Floors must be laid quickly and be available to other trades in the shortest time possible. EzyMix EM490 self-levelling anhydrate screed, has been designed with this in mind. Developed for optimum install speed, up to 1,000m² of EzyMix can be laid in a day and give a smooth surface that is loadable within 36 hours.

Mechanical engineers, architects and site managers are critically acclaiming the application of Central Heating New Zealand’s underfloor heating systems with an EzyMix screed. Working together, the partnership has halved construction time, removed all problematic issues of cement screeds, reduced floor thickness and lowered running cost.

Salvation Army Christchurch Before EzyMix

Before EzyMix

Salvation Army Christchurch After EzyMix

After EzyMix

Why you should choose EzyMix for your next project

  • Unlike conventional cement-based screeds, EzyMix’s liquid screed provides a better contact area to underfloor pipes improving thermal conductivity and reducing energy costs to heat the floor.
  • EzyMix’s screed is walkable after one day and loadable after 36 hours which is less than half the time of traditional screeds. Trades can access the project earlier.
  • The pumpable, self-levelling solution guarantees a clean, even surface and reduces the construction time by 60 percent when compared to sand and cement screeds.
  • No need for shrinkage mitigation. EzyMix does not need saw cuts and does not need the inducement of slow-cure solutions.
  • No reinforcement is necessary allowing for a more cost-effective build.
  • When used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems there is a minimum 35mm cover over the pipes giving a total screed thickness of 50mm. a 50 percent reduction in thickness when compared to traditional screeds.
  • Underfloor heating is vastly improved in usability and performance when used in a thin screed floor as opposed to being in the much thicker and thermally inefficient construction slab.
  • EzyMix, when compared to cement-based screeds, reduces sound transfer through flooring.

Projects of interest

Salvation Army Christchurch

Salvation Army’s Gracefield Project

All Saints Church Nelson
  • Underfloor warm-water central heating was installed at the Salvation Army Gracefield Project in Christchurch and covered by EzyMix’s EM490 self-levelling anhydrate screed “The installation was a resounding success” confirmed Robert Blandford, Arrow International’s site manager. “It was a pleasure to use this product in the project as everything went so smoothly.”
  • EzyMix partnered with Central Heating New Zealand to renovate Nelson’s All Saints Church. Nelson’s All Saints Anglican Church parish ministries assistant Gordon Taylor (pictured) said he was very pleased with the finished result of the EzyMix screed. Gordon also commented, “The heating is great too, it used to take 12 hours for the church to warm up and now it only takes a few hours.”

Additional Information

EzyMix Screed All-Saints Church Nelson

A screed is used as a construction medium over underfloor heating systems or simply to raise up or level out an existing floor. EzyMix self-levelling floor screeds use gypsum as a binder offering fast setting characteristics and superior thermal efficiencies.
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About EzyMix: For 20 years EzyMix has been combining the latest technology from around the world with the finest products to supply New Zealand with superior dry-mortar solutions. European technology has been engrained in the company’s history from the very beginning. This allows EzyMix to offer the best quality products and technical service to their clients.
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