Central Heating Wellington – Heating to Suit Wellington’s Unique Needs

Central heating is a smart choice for combating Wellington’s changeable weather conditions and bitterly cold southerlies. It can be installed in new or existing homes and buildings and can be tailored to your project’s needs so that every room is comfortable, even during the coldest months of winter. Central Heating New Zealand’s quality European products have proven to be ideal for meeting the central heating needs of Kiwis across the country.

Baxi Luna Duo-tec MP Boiler

Baxi Luna Duo-tec MP Boiler

Wellington’s Reticulated Gas Advantage

Many Wellington-area residents take advantage of the reticulated gas network and the low installation costs, opting for gas boilers for their central heating system. In addition to providing heat for the central heating system, the gas boiler can be used to efficiently produce hot water, and where internal space is limited, a combi gas boiler can be used for producing instant hot water, which suits Wellington villas well. To save additional space, some of the boilers can be mounted outside. Hydronic heat pumps, which include air-to-water and ground-source heat pumps, are another good solution because of their low running costs and flexibility. Gas boilers and hydronic heat pumps are suitable for use with both radiators and underfloor heating.

Radiators and Underfloor Heating

Radiators can react quickly to Wellington’s variable weather because they are so responsive. Each radiator is thermostatically controlled, controlling the temperature of the surrounding area, so if one side of the house has sun and the other doesn’t, the radiators can still maintain even heating throughout the whole home. They are easily installed in existing homes. For new builds, especially those with polished cement floors or large tiled areas, underfloor heating provides the highest level of comfort.

We’re here to Help

Whether you’re looking into heating for a residential or commercial project, a new building or an existing one, we will work with you to determine the best central heating solution for your Wellington project. After discussing your needs with you, we will refer you to an installer who installs central heating with our products and design assistance. We are here to support them and you throughout the process as needed.

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