Chirstchurch City Council, Lyttleton Library

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Contractors and Client

Spotless Services for Christchurch City Council

Products Used

2 x 45kW Woodpecker Wood Pellet Boilers connected to existing hydronic radiator system

System Description

The Woodpecker Wood Pellet Boilers recently specified and installed by Spotless Services are an environmentally friendly heating alternative to the fossil fuel coal boiler the library used to have. The updated heating system is just part of a large upgrade project at Lyttelton Library.


With stricter regulations for clean air in Canterbury now mandatory, Christchurch City Council sought to lead the way with an upgrade to its existing heating system at the Lyttelton Library with an environmentally sustainable wood pellet boiler system than meets strict Environment Canterbury emissions standards.


Dean Johnston of Spotless Services says a wood pellet system was the obvious choice for conversion as there was already a hot water heating system in operation and the council was keen to switch to environmentally friendly fuel option.

The Woodpecker Wood Pellet boilers are manufactured in Ireland and distributed in New Zealand by Central Heating New Zealand Ltd. They burn biomass wood pellets much the same as a wood pellet fire, but instead of putting the heat into the surrounding air of one room, it transfers the heat into water which can then be pumped around a house or building. The heat is emitted through water radiators or underfloor water pipes. This process can be used for heating an entire building including the domestic hot water and swimming pool. It is extremely effective and efficient.


Burning biomass wood pellets is far better for the environment than coal because wood pellets are carbon neutral renewable resources that are made from wood shavings, chips or sawdust. The Woodpecker Wood Pellet Boiler produces a minute amount of ash and the flue gas emissions are half the maximum allowed in ECAN’s air quality plan.

The upgrade came about because the coal boiler the library used to have had come to the end of its useful life. Christchurch City Council considered a number of options including overhauling the current system.

Dr Leonid Itskovich, Energy Manager for the Christchurch City Council, says, “We deliberately chose the wood pellet boiler option because of the environmental benefits. It meets with our goals for sustainable energy for Christchurch because it is a renewable resource.”