Diesel Tank Installation Guides

5 May 2011

Our technical writer John has been a busy boy over the last month and has just completed two diesel tank installation guides for use with our aluminium tanks and bunds.

Our brief installation guide outlines required clearances, earthquake restraint and fuel line details. Our detailed guide goes into a little more depth, covering local regulations, approval documents and ERMA Hazardous Substances information.

These guides are an absolute must-have for anyone installing diesel tanks and bunds for central heating systems.

The documents are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader, available here.

Brief Install Guide:

  • Basic minimum separation distances
  • Secondary containment of leaking fuel, the bund
  • Support and stability of the fuel tank and bund
  • Fuel Supply to the boiler

Detailed Install Guide:

  • Diesel storage tank regulations
  • Secondary containment of leaking fuel, the bund
  • Support & stability of the fuel tank & bund
  • Distance from an ignition source
  • Location of the tank & separation distance from other objects
  • Fire fighting
  • Design & installation of fuel reticulation
  • Relevant Rules from the Summary of Approvals