Fernox Filter Special and Pegler Pump Update

5 November 2012

Special: Check Out This Month’s Great Offer


The award winning Fernox Total Filter TF1 is a unique in-line filter which combines hydrocyclonic action, with specially designed magnet assemblies, to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from central heating system water and contain them safely within the filter. Your customers will love the reduced running costs!

Its main features are:

  • Will not block or restrict flow
  • Dosing Point for Fernox ‘F’-Range products
  • Can be cleaned in seconds
  • 97% first pass efficiency
  • Is designed to last the lifetime of the system

OFFER: 20% off your normal trade price while stocks last (RRP $241.40 + GST)

Want to know more? View our info for this product or call us on 0800 357 1233.

Product Update: Pegler Pump Now Obsolete

We would like to inform all our trade customers that the Pegler TC6 pump has now become obsolete. However we do have what we believe is a superior replacement for you, the Wilo RS 25/70 whose RRP price is $285.00 + GST.