Wake Up to Central Heating

The Benefits of Central Heating


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Over two thirds of the world uses warm water central heating to keep comfortable during the winter, yet unhealthy cold and damp persists in most Kiwi homes and buildings. Central heating systems eliminate these problems because unlike other heating systems, it warms every room evenly so that the four-seasons-in-a-day weather stays outside, not inside. If you’re looking for a clean, efficient heating system with reasonable running costs, look no further. Our central heating solutions are flexible to fit your project, whether big or small, residential or commercial, old or new.

2,000,000 metres of underfloor pipe
30,000 DeLonghi radiators
100 geothermal systems
45 experts on staff
17 years of experience
1 passion: central heating

Why Choose Central Heating New Zealand?

Since 2001, we’ve amassed a wealth of expertise about central heating products, system design and installations, with a focus on what works best for New Zealanders and our homes. Our warm water (or “hydronic”) central heating products, including gas and diesel boilers, heat pumps, radiators and underfloor heating, come straight from Europe and the USA, where they’ve been perfecting warm water central heating for decades. While at the forefront of central heating for over a decade, we continue to provide excellent services, products, installations and information so that Kiwis can start making comfort a way of life.