Joel Hart

Joel Hart

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Chameleon Challenge - The Block NZ

Central Heating New Zealand is delighted to partner with Joel Hart for the duration of The Block NZ. Joel appeared as the judge for Central Heating New Zealand’s Chameleon Challenge and will be creating a piece of commissioned art for the winners. We can’t wait to see the final artwork that will be presented to the winners of the challenge.

Joel Hart  - The girl in our campaign

Joel’s “contemporary urban pop-art style” art is infused with female faces through what you might call an industrial filter. It is Joel’s artwork that has created the backbone to Central Heating New Zealand’s The Block NZ marketing campaign.

As an artist Joel creates beautiful mixed media images using stencil, print, acrylics and other different techniques to create contemporary style urban infused art style. Inspired by modern popular culture, touching on themes of love and death, Joel’s art tells stories of strength and hope through juxtaposed elements as he brings influential images of the past and present together to create a sense of raw emotion and passion.

Joel has worked on a variety of projects including large scale murals, illustrations for international brands, logo designs for start-up businesses and now media campaigns for Central Heating New Zealand.

To find out more about Joel please visit or take a look at his Meet the Maker article.