Last Courses for 2014

9 October 2014

The winter is on its way out, which means it’s time to start thinking about next year. This is your last chance before next year’s winter rush to make sure your skills are ready to meet the demands of your customers by attending one of our training courses.

Essential Central Heating


Date: 23 October, 8am-5pm
Price: $125+GST per person
Prerequisites: None

In our Essential Central Heating course, you will learn the basic principles of central heating, including why and where to use it. The course covers heat source options, heat distribution options, basic design considerations and implications, products and controls plus the information on the support, products and services that Central Heating New Zealand offers you when selling and purchasing products.

Underfloor Installation


Date: 5 November, 8am-5pm
Price: $250+GST per person
Prerequisites: Essential Central Heating (recommended)

In the Underfloor Installation course, learn how to install underfloor central heating from a system design plan. In the theory section of this course, you’ll gain an understanding of the theory behind underfloor heating designs, how the systems are controlled, and compliance issues. During the hands-on part of the course, you will use a variety of tools as you practise pipe laying, pipe repair, pressure testing, working with underfloor manifolds, and more.

Radiator and Pipe Installation


Date: 6 November, 8am-5pm
Price: $250+GST per person
Prerequisites: Essential Central Heating (recommended)

The Radiator and Pipe Installation course offers a hands-on approach to learning how to install a radiator system. Practical work is supported by visual presentations on related theory. In addition to covering the types and specifications of specific radiators, the course covers radiator accessories, installation, pipework, and commissioning a radiator system.