Managing the Winter Work Load

2 July 2015

The cold is here, which means we’re in the thick of the busiest time of the year. In this issue of The Flow, we have some troubleshooting tips to help your installations run smoothly, the results from last winter’s running cost study so your customers can get an idea of what to expect with their systems and more training dates to get you and your team in top form.

Product Special

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Upcoming Training

Training Session

We’re always too busy to learn, but learning makes us more efficient. There are some places still available on our August and September courses, but book now as spaces are limited. We also have New Controls Course, so you can learn the fundamentals of setting up the heating system and ensuring it’s doing what it should be doing. Both new installers to central heating and those with experience can benefit from these theory and hands-on courses.

  • Essential Central Heating*: 19 Aug, 16 Sep
  • Design and Sales*: 20 Aug
  • Central Heating Controls: 21 Aug – New!
  • Gas and Diesel Boilers*: 17 Sep
  • Heat Pumps and Solid Fuel Boiler*: 18 Sep

*Eligible for CPD points
Can’t make any of these? View our 2015 Training Schedule.

Troubleshooting Tips

Heat pump error - Er46

Most problems that occur have a simple explanation so starting with the basics is always the best policy. A lot of basic problem solving comes down to the fundamentals!

Problem: Boiler Fires up and quickly turns off:
A boiler fires up, heats up very quickly and in less than a minute or so reaches set point and turns off.

This happens when heat is trapped in the boiler. What can cause this?

  • Air locks blocking the water flow
  • A seized or insufficiently sized circulating pump
  • Closed isolating or zone valves

Problem: System is running but hot water doesn’t heat up:

A heat source is running for many minutes or hours but the system or the hot water isn’t heating up. The heat must be going somewhere else—it can’t just disappear. What can cause this?

  • If a heat pump shows on its display that it is heating the hot water but the cylinder isn’t actually being heated, check whether the pipes to the HWC coil are getting hot. If not, the heat must be going somewhere else, probably the heating system.
  • If it is going to the floor, the heat can be traced through the pipes to the manifold and there should be flowrate through the floor loops. (If there is no flowrate, the heat cannot be transferred into the floor.)

Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Getting to know your Heat Pump can save you time when things don't go according to plan. We have put together a comprehensive two page error handling guide for you to go through when an error occurs on your heat pump unit or it's controller.

Download our guide

Heat Pump and Radiator System Running Costs

In our last heating season’s survey we found the average running costs of homes with a heat pump and radiators system to be only $198/month.

View our survey results to find out more.