New Website and New Ordering System

24 September 2013

Over the past few months, we at Central Heating New Zealand have been hard at work on our new website, which is now live. While we’re excited about the whole redesign, one of the most exciting parts is the Trade Orders section. This section can be accessed from the main menu.

The Trade Orders Section

The Trade Orders section of our new website is an exclusive trade-only area where you can place your orders online, reorder from past online orders, and get important product information.

After submitting your order, you will receive an automated e-mail acknowledgement for your records. We will contact you if we need to discuss your order, otherwise it will be processed as per usual; you will receive confirmation and be invoiced when your order is dispatched.

Using the online system should increase the accuracy of orders, eliminating errors from illegible handwriting and misheard phone orders.

How to Access

You will need your company’s username and password to enter the Trade Orders area. We will be emailing these login details to a representative from your company. He or she can then distribute them to employees as he or she sees fit. This email will also contain the web address for this section of the site.

We hope that this new order placing system will make your ordering experience easier and faster than ever before, and that you’ll be able to benefit from the abundance of additional information on our new site.


Tony Vine
General Manager