Central Heating New Zealand is a national participant in the Superhome movement.

The Superhome Movement participants and supporters are dedicated to helping you get…

New Homes that will… Live Better, be Loved More, use Less Energy, be Affordable, and Last Longer!

The Superhome Movement is gathering the very best in learning, products, and expertise to help you build a higher quality house for your money.

The perception that an energy efficient home is too expensive, is a myth. This is why we have joined the movement. We believe that when you couple together the right design, products and materials within your new build you can have the whole of your home that is warm, healthy, comfortable and a pleasure to live in all year round.

Check out Central Heating Systems for New Homes to find out more about centrally heating your new home or visit the Superhome Movement website to find out more about other participants and supporters in your region.

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