Baxi Duo-tec MP Commercial Boiler

Who should attend:

Installers, Electricians


Essential Central Heating (recommended)


$195+GST per person

This course is aimed at installers undertaking commercial installations. The course provides training on the Baxi Duo-tec commercial range, installation guidelines and best practice, review of control features as well as commissioning and servicing the boilers.

Course Delivery


  • Understand the range and features of the Baxi Commercial Duo-tec MP boilers.
  • Best Practice installation for natural gas and LPG systems.


  • Commissioning of the boilers and controls in single and cascade installations.
  • Overview of boiler troubleshooting.

Course Outline


  • Baxi Duo-tec Boiler features- Boiler range, technical specifications and commercial capabilities. Best installation practice will be reviewed including supply pressures, condensate drains, and relevant valves.
  • Flues – specification and installation. Review flue options and configurations.
  • Controls overview – Boiler controls, think controller and generic wiring schematics.
  • Outline of the key parameters and settings on the controllers.
  • Installation Schematics – Review of some typical system schematics
  • Commissioning Steps – Natural Gas settings. LPG conversion and settings.
  • Troubleshooting – overview of typical cases that may arise and how to analysis the issue.
Training Room – Practical

  • Boiler Commissioning Procedure
  • Single Boiler Controls Commissioning
  • Cascade Boiler set up (wiring controls)
  • Cascade Boiler Think Controls Commissioning