Design and Sales

Who should attend:

Salespeople, Designers, Office Based Workers, Owner Operators


Intro to Central Heating (recommended)


$195+GST per person

This course is aimed at those who want to design their own systems, as well as individuals who specialise in design and quoting.

Designing and specifying underfloor and radiator systems involves heat loss calculations and referencing tables of relevant information. The knowledge gained from being able to design a system lends itself to quoting and selling systems to customers, as it’s important to see the big picture of a central heating system to give an accurate quote.

Course Delivery

Presentations and exercises use a real house as a case study to provide an accurate picture of the designing, specifying, and quoting processes outside of the classroom.

Copies of the presentations and relevant literature will be provided in a folder for attendees to take home.

Course Outline

Heating Basics

  • Heating New Zealand houses
  • Basic principles of heating and heat loss
  • Calculating heat loss

Designing Underfloor and Radiator Systems

  • Working out the heat output from underfloor heating
  • Manifold positioning
  • Sizing and positioning radiators
Specifying Pipes and Expansion Vessels

  • Hydronic heat distribution
  • Pipe sizing
  • Expansion vessel sizing

Tools, Techniques and Quoting

  • Handy software tools
  • Central heating sales
  • Drawing up quotes