Heat Pumps and Solid Fuel Boilers

Who should attend:



Intro to Central Heating (recommended)


$195+GST per person

This course is aimed at installers who want to learn more about installing and commissioning air-to-water heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, gasification boilers, and multifuel boilers. With the theory, real life examples, and demos in this course, you will get the knowledge you need to work on projects utilising these heat pumps and boilers.

Course Delivery

This course will consist of classroom presentation sessions supplemented with time out of the classroom to look at various systems and build practice control systems.

Course Outline

Heat Pumps

  • Air-to-water heat pump fundamentals for hydronic heating
  • Product range and features
  • Applications
  • Design of heat pump heating systems
  • Factors influencing performance
  • Use of buffer tanks and designing for defrosting and frost protection
  • DHW from heat pumps
  • Commissioning the Iki2 air-to-water heat pump
  • Geothermal, ground source heat pumps
  • Different types of ground source heat pumps
  • Designing geothermal systems
  • Installing ground loops
Solid Fuel Boilers

  • Fundamental components and design principles of solid fuel heating systems
  • Insulated flues
  • Boiler temperature maintenance
  • Buffer tanks
  • Overheating protection
  • Attack natural convection boiler
  • Attack gasification boiler
  • Operation and control of the gasification boiler
  • Integration with solar