Experience is an asset

At Central Heating New Zealand, we appreciate other’s strengths and efforts. Based in Christchurch, Sam is a familiar face for many having previously worked at Central Heating. But after gaining further warehouse experience at another workplace, we are happy to welcome Sam back as our new warehouse manager.

With the goal of pushing the warehouse team to deliver a high volume of orders; Sam’s previous knowledge of Central Heating and our products is an asset. In his previous workplace, he was the only warehouse support person which extensive knowledge in products, building and setting up products, logistics, and transport. He is really looking forward to working aside a great group of people in the warehouse and together continually push each other to smash out the ever-growing order demands.

When Sam is not managing his team or zooming around on the forklift, you can find him keeping fit at the gym or bingeing his favourite tv series ‘The Leftovers’. Sam’s other passions are writing or foster pets from the SPCA…last time his girlfriend and himself had to take care of Guinea Pigs! Did you know that Guinea Pigs are very sociable animals and are happiest when living in a group otherwise they get lonely?