How much does it cost?

“How much?” is often the first question we get asked and it’s the most difficult question to answer as every home is different with unique heating requirements.
Our engineers, who have designed residential installations for over 10 years, got together to create our online calculator. They used data from 6000 projects to determine the estimated cost of a central heating installation for your home.


Running Costs

Based on an average 200m² home. Running 6-8hrs per day. With inside temperature of 20°C.

Heat SourceCost of HeatHeating season monthly cost
Natural Gas $0.07 - $0.12 kWh $270
LPG $0.17 - $0.23 kWh $550
Diesel $0.11 - $0.16 kWh $340
Wood $0.05 - $0.10 kWh $260
Air to Water Heat Pump $0.04 - $0.15 kWh $265
Geothermal Heat Pump $0.03 - $0.10 kWh $215
*These figures are approximate and will vary due to factors such as insulation levels, window glazing, building design and personal comfort levels.
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