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Winter temperatures might not get quite as low in Auckland as in other parts of the country, but with an average low of only 7°C in July compounded with a peak rainy season in June, July and August, warm water central heating works wonders in warming up the entire home while drying away any damp that creeps inside. Auckland’s weather, available resources, council requirements—all of this combined with your own personal needs and preferences play a part in determining which central heating solution works best for you.

Because natural gas is available in most towns in the Waikato, gas boilers are an efficient and cost-effective solution for many homeowners. Both their installation and running costs are low, and they work well with radiators and underfloor heating. Some homeowners choose “combi” gas boilers, which provide domestic hot water in addition to heating the central heating system. These boilers store 60L of hot water at 65°C, which can then provide around 110L at 40°C. This is both a space and cost-effective method of providing both hot water and heating in some Hamilton and Waikato region homes.

If you’re a farmer who uses diesel every day for your machinery or a homeowner outside of the reticulated gas network, diesel boilers are a cost-effective solution that suit both radiator and underfloor heating systems.

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Geothermal heat pumps are a green, efficient option for owners of large properties who want to invest in an eco-friendly option that produces the lowest running costs available. Because the geothermal pipes that collect the energy for the system require a large area of land, this option is best-suited for new builds where the home can be built directly on top of where the pipes are laid. Suitable for both radiators and underfloor heating, air-to-water heat pumps can also provide low running costs and are effective heat sources for new and existing homes of any size.

Radiators suit both new homes and the large number of existing homes in Hamilton and the Waikato region because they are relatively easy and inexpensive to install. 

Underfloor heating is best suited to new homes, because the pipes in a typical installation are laid in the concrete slab.

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