Heat Sources

Nuvola Duo-tec+ Storage Combi


  • Output 33kW
  • Dimensions 763 x 450 x 345
  • Model 33 GA
  • Weight 67.5kg


Boasting the same industry-leading technology as the Duo-tec, the Nuvola combi gas boiler is a welcome addition to the Baxi range offered by Central Heating New Zealand.


 • 1:7 gas valve modulation ratio

 • Market-leading 5 year warranty

 • Gas Adaptive Control (GAC) system: combustion automatic control to maintain constantly the highest level of efficiency

 • Stainless steel 45 lt cylinder

 • High sanitary water performance: up to 500L at very high flow rate and then 18.9L per min @ 25°C rise

 • Requires external room controller (e.g. BXDTGAPT)

Nuvola Duo-tec+ Storage Combi image


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