Gas boilers

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers provide heat for radiator and underfloor systems equally well and can use either LPG or Natural Gas. This makes gas central heating a flexible option when determining which heating method is right for you. Central Heating New Zealand recommend gas boilers where natural gas is available.

Central Heating New Zealand uses Baxi gas boilers for their efficiency and reliability. There are three main types of gas boiler. System boilers offer a robust entry level to central heating.  Condensing boilers achieve high efficiency  by condensing water vapour which would otherwise have been wasted. Combination boilers heat both your home and your hot water.

Virtually silent, gas boilers can be positioned almost anywhere inside or outside a house. Baxi gas boilers come complete with integral pump, expansion vessel, pressure relief valve and pressure gauge. They are also supplied standard with a 1m horizontal balanced flue. In order to retain efficiency (and low running costs) and to keep the system running smoothly, we recommend annual servicing for gas boilers.

Are you connected?

Thinking about gas central heating. The first step is to find out if your home has access to natural gas.  The easiest way is to visit Gas Industry Company Limited's website. Simply enter your address to view general status information about a connection. The next step is to choose your gas retailer. You can find a list of  gas retailers here.

You can find and compare retailers’ gas prices through Consumer Powerswitch, a free service provided by Consumer NZ.

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