Laying VarioComp Pipe

Advantages of VarioComp

Central Heating New Zealand offers the VarioComp Floor Heating System, which has a thin profile that can be laid over solid or timber floors and as such is an excellent choice for renovations and structures with a low weight requirement. This water-based system is compatible with a variety of energy sources, so it is future-proof should you choose to change your energy source later on.

Like other forms of underfloor heating, VarioComp uses water-filled pipes to carry warmth throughout the home. The radiant heat emanating from these pipes is healthy and comfortable, providing the ideal heat distribution for the human body (warmest at feet, coolest near head).

Unlike the traditional in-slab method of underfloor heating, VarioComp sits on top of the concrete slab and has additional insulation on the sides and bottom, which reduces heat loss and consequently raises efficiency.

VarioComp can also be used in the walls or ceiling for heating and cooling.

VarioComp System Components

Compact Panel 1000 x 600 x 18 mm

Panel can be installed on a concrete or wooden floor either directly or on a thin layer of polystyrene.

Variomodular Pipe 11.6 x 1.5mm

Pipes are spaced at 100mm centres, providing excellent efficiency. This enables the heat source powering the system to operate at a very low temperature, which is ideal for renewable energy systems.

Compact Filling Compound 25 kg

After being poured, the compound is levelled for the floor coverings. The total height is 20mm (without polystyrene), making it ideal for it to be retrofitted in existing buildings or in very thermally efficient new buildings. Floor coverings can be installed directly onto the VarioComp system.

Variocomp Floor Heating Brochure cross section
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