Our Company: Central Heating New Zealand

Our Work

Central Heating New Zealand is the leading specialist in warm water central heating in the country for both the residential and commercial markets.

If it's not already in our warehouse, we can special order products to suit your needs

If it’s not already in our warehouse, we can special order products to suit your needs

Based in Christchurch, we directly service Canterbury residential and commercial clients with systems, products and expertise. Outside of Canterbury, our products are installed by a network of installers who depend on our products’ time-tested reliability and our legendary after-sales service. Our aim is that through the use of our products, design services and training courses, these installers are able to provide the same reputable levels of service, knowledge and expertise that we offer in Canterbury. We supply our range of high-quality European central heating products across the entire country, and can discuss your project with you, whether you’re in the South Island or North, whether your project is residential or commercial.

Our Service

Central Heating New Zealand has the skills, products and people to provide a full service solution to retail and commercial markets. While most of our customers will only deal directly with our sales team, we have design engineers, installation specialists, energy efficiency experts and a strong administrative team to ensure that every aspect of our work meets the highest level of quality. We work hard to create the right heating system for our customers on time and on budget because know the end result of our efforts is a well-engineered product and a satisfied customer.

Our Core Values

  1. We passionately believe in what we are doing
  2. We continue to innovate, grow and develop
  3. We value each other’s strengths and effort for the team
  4. We are upfront in what we say and do
  5. We take pride in delighting the customer
Loading buffer tanks for shipment

Loading buffer tanks for shipment

Our History

After living in the UK, company directors Lyall and Lewis Smith saw a need in the New Zealand market for a European approach to heating homes: heating the entire house so you can live in absolute warmth and comfort. Most New Zealand houses aren’t heated adequately for the climate we live in.

Central Heating New Zealand has grown steadily since forming in 2001. The company is currently experiencing major growth due to the demand for world class comfort and alternative heating options that are more effective and efficient than traditional kiwi heating. The company focuses on quality and integrity and aims to raise the standard of heating in Kiwi homes and businesses.

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