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Hooked on a feeling...

Life changes when you live with central heating. Waking up or coming home, there is always the feeling of deep gratitude, good fortune and wellbeing. Your home becomes a haven and the daily grind becomes easier. 

We love the response from customers upon realisation that what they now have is very special and this is how the rest of the world live.

What is Central Heating?

Central heating is a method of whole-home heating in which warm water circulates through a closed network of pipes, carrying heat around the home. These pipes can lead to radiators or they can be laid in the floor for underfloor heating. It is not uncommon to have a combination both radiators and underfloor heating.

Our products

From radiators to underfloor heating, boilers to towel rails, our customers choose Central Heating New Zealand products for their reliability, efficiency and affordability.

Indoor Diesel Boiler Grey
Central Heating / Multicolonna
Central Heating / Towel Rail

Our projects

Central heating is tailored to suit your home and your lifestyle. No two homes are the same. Here are some case studies that demonstrate the flexibility of whole-home heating. Each case study has a different heating combination that makes comfort a way of life for our clients.


What do our central heating products and installations look like? Here are some photos that capture our products in place. Of course the thing you really need to experience is the feeling. For this, please visit our show rooms or show homes.