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Heated towel rails

A heated towel rail is the must-have accessory when installing your central heating system. When connected to your warm-water central heating system towel rails double as a source of radiant heat and a towel dryer. The heat output from central heating towel rails is higher than most electric alternatives and can provide a space heating option in en-suites, bathrooms, and laundries.

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Electric element

Towel rails can be heated by your warm-water central heating system or in isolation using an electric element. An increasingly popular way for people to get the best of both worlds - electric and central heating - is dual heating. Having both electric and plumbed heating at your disposal allows you to warm your towels during the summer months when your central heating system is turned off.

Installing a towel rail

Thanks to improved insulation in modern homes you can install your heated towel rail on virtually any wall you like, but ideally, you want it to be on the coldest wall of the room. This is often the external wall.

Its also important where your towel rail will be in relation to your shower and/or bath. If installing a new shower, consider what way the shower door will open. The last thing you want to do is traipse across the bathroom leaving puddles on the floor.

Consider the size of your towel rail as well. Family bathrooms may require larger towel rails with more rungs to hang multiple towels.  Smaller, more compact towel rails are available for en-suites. It's also worth considering installing a radiator and simply attaching magnetic towel rails.

There are plenty of options to discuss with Central Heating New Zealand's customer support team.


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Designer towel rails

Central Heating New Zealand stocks DeLonghi towel rails that come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. 

Those looking for a focal point, or something a bit different, can order one of the many designer towel rails manufactured in Italy by SciroccoRidea, and Radiattori 2000

If you are seeking further inspiration visit one of our many in-store displays or show home installations up and down the country.

Please contact us to find out about your nearest in-store display or show home.