Designing your Central Heating

Don’t get bogged down in the decision making. Your house and its location pretty much determine the best central heating solution for your home. Answering the following two questions will help us determine the nuts and bolts of your central heating solution.

Is your home new or existing?

As a rule of thumb, underfloor heating is more cost-effective to install in new builds and radiators are ideal for retrofitting into existing homes. There are always exceptions to the rule and our customer support team will be happy to discuss options with you.

Where is your house located?

The location of your home will also determine what heat source you should use.  We recommend a gas boiler where natural gas is available. Gas is very cheap when compared to other fuels and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.  The rest of the country, where reticulated gas is not available, have the option of a diesel boilerair-to-water heat pump, biomass boiler or a gas boiler on LPG.

radiator and chair

Courtesy of Navigation Homes, Porirua

Central Heating Diagram

Tailoring the basics

Tailoring the basics of your heating solution is a complicated process. It’s a good idea to leave the technical stuff to a Central Heating New Zealand design engineer who will calculate the heat demand for each room in your home. Their calculations take into consideration insulation, airtightness, ceiling height, window size, and incidental heat. They determine the size of the radiator needed or the number of pipes runs for an underfloor heating system.

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