Diesel Boilers

Diesel Boilers

Diesel boilers are compact, powerful, virtually silent, odourless and smokeless. They are the ideal heat source for warm-water central heating systems, particularly radiator systems.

With more than 10,000 diesel boilers installed residentially in New Zealand for warm water central heating, 5,000 of them are Firebird boilers from Central Heating New Zealand, due to their efficiency, robustness, and reliability.

These floor-standing boilers are slightly smaller than a modern washing machine and are typically installed in a garage or laundry. External models are also available which are installed outside and come with an integral flue.

Diesel boilers require the installation of a fuel tank which is located outside the house. The tanks come in two sizes, 460 and 880 litres and are slightly larger than 2 x LPG tanks. Fuel tanks are installed on a concrete pad in an area accessible for refuelling which could be up to 50 metres away from the boiler. Diesel fuel delivery is readily available in all urban and rural areas in New Zealand. 

Firebird's boilers, heat exchanger, or parts come with a 5-year warranty. Thermistors and electrodes come with a 1-year warranty.

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Diesel Fuel

In areas where there is no reticulated gas or difficult access for large electricity supply, light oil (diesel & kerosene) boilers are the backbone of warm water central heating systems worldwide and particularly in New Zealand with our limited natural gas network.

Modern diesel central heating boilers are nearly three times more efficient than the best diesel engine car. This is in terms of getting the most from a litre of fuel and in combustion gas emission.

Firebird Boiler blue flame burner technology combined with low flow temperature condensing heat exchangers enables efficiencies of up to 98%. With no odour or smoke, and virtually silent in operation, they are squeezing the most out of a finite resource.

While there is no doubt we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, they are still an important part of the energy requirements in New Zealand. Light oil is fundamental to our transport network as well as for heating residentially and commercially. The availability, ease of transport and storage, especially in the rural sector are major factors in its viability.

Some buildings in the South Island are heated with diesel fuel like the Christchurch Art Gallery and Horncastle Arena as well as many schools.

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