Hot Water Heating

Hot water systems and central heating

Unlike many other methods of heating the home, central heating systems can provide space heating and hot water for baths, showers and the like. There are two ways in which a warm water central heating system can service a domestic hot water supply.

  1. Combination boilers, suitable for homes with up to two bathrooms, heat water for the central heating system as well as additional water, either produced instantaneously or stored in the boiler, for domestic hot water use.
  2. System boilers or hydronic heat pumps use the same heated water which is pumped around the central heating system to indirectly heat domestic hot water via a heat exchange coil in the hot water cylinder.

In a typical household, the performance is so good that when using a separate cylinder, the boiler only needs to heat the domestic hot water for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. These heating times and the stored water temperature can be adjusted easily to suit any household or lifestyle.

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Hot water cylinder / Central Heating

Hot water cylinders

Central Heating New Zealand distributes Baxi hot water cylinders. They are made of duplex stainless steel which offers superior resistance to corrosion, especially in aggressive water areas. Coupled with Baxi’s state of the art automated welding techniques and post-weld processes, duplex ensures the longest possible working life for every cylinder.

Features of Baxi hot water cylinders:

  • Optional backup 3kW electric element
  • Unique “coil in coil” heat exchanger
  • 50mm thick insulation means minimal heat loss
  • Indirect thermostat and over-temperature thermal cut-out for boiler connection and control
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Single Coil Kit


1474 x 552


Single Coil Kit


2040 x 552


Twin Coil Kit


2053 x 579

Baxi Combination Boilers

Combination boilers combine the functions of a central heating boiler and an instantaneous water heater. They give priority, in the main, to the supply of domestic hot water (DHW).

The combination boiler has all its operating components contained within the casing and is typically designed for use within a sealed central heating system.

A combination, or combi boiler, removes the need for separate water tanks as it’s cold water supply is taken directly from the mains water and it heats the hot water instantaneously removing the need to store hot water.


Combi Boiler / Central Heating