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Warm water central heating used to be considered a luxury but now many Kiwis are waking up to the fact that it is the preferred method of home comfort as it just feels better to the human body. It transforms the way we feel about our homes and our temperate climate. In a new house, most things such as the carpets, curtains, kitchen, roof and windows are more expensive than the central heating making it one of the least expensive things that make a house a home. In an existing house the transformation will give you new found love for your home. Use our estimator below to give you an idea of what underfloor or radiator heating will cost for your home. The figures are likely to be more than just a log fire or an air heat pump as you're heating more than just one room. Our customers say the feeling of being comfortable in every room of their home vastly outweighs the additional cost.

One house in New Zealand is very different from another, in design and construction. This makes it difficult to calculate install and running cost for new and existing homes, therefore the calculator below will only give you a rough estimate of cost. We recommend working through the estimator with a sales person who can give you more information on the various options available. Should you wish to get a quote, either complete the estimator and request a quote at the end, or contact us.

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Running Costs

Heat Source Type Cost of Fuel Cost of Heat Monthly Cost*
Gas Boiler (Natural Gas)  Radiators $0.08 / kWh $0.09 / kWh


Underfloor $0.08 / kWh $0.09 / kWh


Gas Boiler (LPG)  Radiator $125.00 / 45kg cyl $0.20 / kWh


Underfloor $125.00 / 45kg cyl $0.20 / kWh


Diesel Boiler (Diesel)  Radiators $2.40 / litre $0.24 / kWh


Underfloor $2.40 / litre $0.24 / kWh


Biomass Boiler (Firewood)  Radiators $85.00 / m³ 11.5 c / kWh


Underfloor $85.00 / m³ 11.5 c / kWh


Biomass Boiler (Pellets)  Radiators $14.00 / 20kg bag $0.16 /kWh


Underfloor $14.00 / 20kg bag $0.16 /kWh


Air to Water Heat Pump (Electricity)  Radiators 0.24 / kWh $0.12 / kWh


Underfloor 0.24 / kWh $0.08 / kWh


Ground Source Heat Pump (Electricity)  Radiators 0.24 / kWh $0.06 / kWh


Underfloor 0.24 / kWh $0.05 / kWh


*All costs include GST. All running costs take into account the thermal efficiency of the relevant heat source as independently measured by laboratory testing. Underfloor heating tends to use more energy than radiators due to longer running periods but at lower water temperatures. Fuel used is based on heating a single storey 200m2 (including garage) 4-bedroom home with two living areas heated to 21°C and two bedrooms heated to 18°C for 6-8 hours per day for a radiator system and 24 hours on low for underfloor heating.

Contact us for the running costs relevant to your home or building project.

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