Heating new homes

Future-proof your home

We see it time and time again. People building big, beautiful homes, only to live in one room during the winter months because they didn’t consider whole-home heating during the planning stages of their build.  Like double glazing and insulation, central heating is fundamental in creating a happy, healthy home for you and your family.

Installing central heating, even the pipework for underfloor heating, will future proof your home, add to the long-term value of your property and help reduce energy bills.

Laying VarioComp Piping 1
New Home

Tailored home heating

There are several warm-water central heating options available for new-build homes using either underfloor heatingradiators or a combination of the two.

Underfloor heating is a wonderful way to keep your home warm. It’s lovely to walk on, it distributes heat evenly around your home and it frees your walls from radiators, making more space for paintings, shelf units and windows.

Radiators give a very flexible heating experience that is quick to respond and well suited to our Kiwi weather.

If you are considering underfloor heating as an option in your new home contact our friendly customer service team. They will happily talk you through the design process, liaise with your architect, designer or builder and ensure trouble-free installation.