Post-Relocation Product and Company Updates

8 October 2012

It has been some time since the last edition so we have lots to talk about. Having recently moved into our new premises in Christchurch we thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce the team. It’s always nice to put a face to the voice at the end of the phone and people never look like you imagine them! Plus there may be resources and expertise here that you never knew existed and can tap into. We are here to help our trade customers to design and install the best examples of hydronic (warm water central heating) systems possible. Whats more if you have recently installed a system, send us a photograph of a room with radiators or plant room that you are particularly proud of and you could win $500.00!

On the industry training front, our new in-house fully equipped training rooms will soon be operational. We also have some useful tips & tricks from our resident trainer & heating consultant John Walker plus a case history from john which may inspire.

We have a new product to tell you about, a fully programmable Radiator Thermostat (PRT) which can be retrofitted to DeLonghi radiators or ones that accept Danfoss integrated thermostatically controlled valves. This PRT will really help you and your customers optimise their system and save $$$$ on heating bills.
We hope you enjoy this edition and please feel free to give us your feedback . If you have any ideas for content you would like to see in the future simply send us an email.

Happy Warm Water Heating,

The Central Heating New Zealand Team

Meet the Team

We would like to introduce you to the team here at Central heating New Zealand, Why? We believe in some of the old fashioned customer values here at Central heating New Zealand. In this hi tech on-line virtual shopping world of ours it is nice to think that people still want to buy from people and appreciate that there is a human being on the phone rather than some automated email response that does not answer your question.

New Product Launch

We are pleased to be able to offer you this elegant solution from Danfoss. It will enable you to optimise your customers heating systems. The PRT valve will enable users to literally heat rooms when they want without the need for complex control systems. The main features are:

  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive user interface with 2 pre-installed programs
  • Replace the old thermostat and save 23% energy
  • Makes piping for separate zones obsolete!
  • Reddot design award — winner 2010
  • Watch a video

Special offer: Buy now for $96.00 + GST when you mention this newsletter. Normal retail price $110.22 +GST.
Merchants POA.

Industry Training for Central Heating

Due to popular demand for Industry training in central heating, we are pleased to announce that our in-house training facility will soon be up and running. We will contact you shortly with course dates. In the meantime here are some course overviews. Be advised that these courses do fill up quickly and are limited to a maximum of 10 people so you might like to register your interest.

  • Course 1: Process for heating sales and design This course is designed for anyone who is interested or involved with the design, selling or installing central heating. It covers the theory of heat transfer which is the basis of what we do, heat loss and equipment sizing and application as well as the sales process. The course involves theory with practical exercises.
  • Course 2: Commissioning and servicing of gas boilers, air to water and geothermal heat pumps This is designed for those who are in the field doing the installation and service work as well as anyone who is interested in the technical aspects and applications of these products. The course involves theory and hands on commissioning and trouble shooting of the boilers & heat pumps. We strongly recommend course 1 also be attended if selecting course 2 as many of the concepts learnt on course 1 come up during course 2
  • Course 3: Solid fuel and Diesel boilers This course is an overview of the new generation heat sources and their applications. The course covers Air to Water Heat-pumps, Ground Source Geothermal Heat-pumps, Wood-pellet boilers and Wood Gasification boilers. We strongly recommend course 1 also be attended if selecting course 3 as many of the concepts learnt on course 1 come up during course 3

Most of the heat sources will be operating for demonstration. Attendees are also eligible for up to 12 CPD points upon completion of each course.

Tips and Tricks

Market Trend – Air-to-Water Heat Pump Central Heating

Air to air heat pumps are the big thing in the current heating mass market but more and more new home owners are specifying whole house central heating run from air to water, ‘hydronic’, heat pumps. Hot water is pumped through pipes embedded in the construction slab during the building process or radiators producing luxurious radiant heat throughout the house. This is not just for luxury houses either! More and more mid price range houses are being built with central heating using Air to water heat pumps. Radiators are now able to be heated from high temperature heatpumps, want to know more? Simply give us a call.

Product Innovation – Baxi Gas Boilers

One gas boiler looks just like any other but the digital revolution means what goes on under the hood is a world away from what was around a couple of years ago. The Baxi gas boiler’s integral control system doesn’t just turn the boiler on and off. It monitors the inside and outside temperatures and controls the boiler’s operating temperature to perfectly match the constantly changing heat loss of a building. By minimising the operating temperature the boilers run so efficiently that the flue gases only reach 70°C. These boilers are available from residential size 28kW to cascade systems of over 1MW.

Tip – Heat Pumps in Salt Air

Heat pumps move a large volume of air over the evaporator/condenser coil during operation. In coastal areas where the air has sea salt in it, it is good practice to protect the vulnerable parts of the heat pump to ensure longevity of life. CHNZ recommends doing this if the location of the heat pump is within 5km of the sea. By removing the panels of the heat pump and spraying a product such as Koil Kote on all the copper and alloy parts, the effect of the highly corrosive air is reduced. The Koil Kote cans are available to purchase from us and we also offer to complete this weatherizing before a heat pump is delivered for a fee of $300+GST.

Case Study – Attack Log Boiler Used in Environmentally Friendly Housing


This Waikanae 3 bedroom house was built as a retirement house which included the need to insure against future energy price rises as well as being environmentally friendly.

The owner’s comments: “When planning the new retirement house we thought, why not use the heat from the sun and the stacks of free firewood we have to reduce our living costs.
We had trouble finding enough information about what we wanted to do. Eventually we tracked down someone that knew about passive solar stuff, some specialised in solar water heating and other people who did under floor heating. The search for a suitable boiler led us to Central Heating NZ Ltd and that’s when all the pieces started to fit together.

The Attack Log Boiler was just what we needed for our backup heat source and Central Heating NZ people helped us understand how we could get it all to work together.

That little Attack boiler is really simple to operate and only takes about 15 minutes to get to full operating temperature. We have only used 5.3 cubic meters of stacked fire wood this winter and we’re heating the whole house. It is unlikely we will ever turn on the electric element in the buffer tank.”

Photo Competition, WIN $500 of Your Next Order

We are inviting customers to submit a photograph of a room with a radiator/s or plant room install of which they are particularly proud. The winners trade account will be credited with $500 to use with their next purchase from us.

Terms and conditions: Entries must be with us no later than Wednesday December the 19th 2012. The Central Heating judges decision is final.

Exhibition News

We are Exhibiting at the Canterbury home show on the 12-14th October (stand 33), if you happen to be in the neighborhood we would love to see you.