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The Source of all Central Heating Systems

The heat source is the heart of the warm water central heating system. It heats the water that flows through a network of underfloor pipes or radiators. Central Heating New Zealand offers a number of heat source options, which can be split into two distinct types: combusting boilers and heat pumps.

Baxi gas boilers are commonly placed in laundry rooms or garages.

Baxi gas boilers are commonly placed in laundry rooms or garages.

Combusting Boilers

High efficiency combusting boilers burn a fuel to transfer energy into water. Boiler systems use diesel, gas or solid fuels. Gas fired central heating systems and diesel fired central heating systems have traditionally been the most common choice for domestic central heating.

The boilers can be positioned unobtrusively almost anywhere in the house. Usually they are located in the laundry, garage or underneath the stairs, but ideally they should be located in a custom-designed equipment room along with other modern house essentials such as the central vacuum, networking and alarm system controls. Outdoor models are also available.

Most boilers receive the air they need to work from the outside using a coaxial flue, which draws air from the outside the home and expels the used air back. This means no oxygen is depleted from inside the house.

Most models are capable of heating the domestic hot water supply as well. Note that some boiler models supply the water directly, while others use energy from the water used for central heating to heat the domestic supply indirectly.

Even in the dead of winter, an air-to-water heat pump captures the air's heat to effectively heat the home.

Even in the dead of winter, an air-to-water heat pump captures the air’s heat to effectively heat the home.

Heat Pumps

Unlike the air heat pumps that circulate hot and/or cool air through a single room, Central Heating New Zealand’s air-to-water heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps (ground-source) supply warmth to the entire house via the pipe network. Imported direct from DeLonghi in Italy, these systems use the latest technology and are very efficient.

Water, air and land contain immense reserves of thermal energy. Utilising the immediate availability of this energy, heat pumps can transfer the heat from a colder object to a warmer one, thus allowing the direct use of natural thermal energy to heat or cool, absolutely free, without the cost of waste emissions. Fuelled by electricity, heat pumps exploit natural thermal energy, guaranteeing yields with economic advantages which would be unthinkable for traditional systems.

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