New Four Bedroom Home, Kaiapoi

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Property Details

Avg Running Cost/Month* $124
Living Area 195sqm
Heated Area 195sqm
Extras Double glazes, thermally broken windows and doors
*For the heating season, May – October

System Description

An air-to-water heat pump situated outside the kitchen heats an underfloor central heating system.


With insulation up to building standard code and the addition of thermally broken windows and doors, the home provided an ideal environment for efficient central heating.


1000 metres of pipe used in this home make up 13 in-slab pipe loops, each one heating a different region of the floor (see image at right). A 14kW heat pump provides the right amount of energy to heat the system effectively without drawing too much electricity and thereby optimising efficiency. This central heating system is totally automated, controlled by a single thermostat, providing comfortable radiant heat through every room in the house.

The heat pump is positioned at the back of the house, hidden from the street by the garage and away from the bedrooms. Hot water is provided mostly from a solar collector.

This heat pump provides clean, quiet and efficient energy to the home's underfloor heating system

This heat pump provides clean, quiet and efficient energy to the home’s underfloor heating system


“We would recommend the set-up to any new home builders […] Cost wise it is a great way to heat your home,“ say the owners. Even in the coldest month of the heating season, with every room in the home dry, warm, and comfortable, the home’s monthly running cost just reached $200.

In addition to being cost-effective, the air-to-water heat pump is clean for the environment as well as quiet.

Underfloor heating provides the ideal heat distribution for the human body: warmest at the feet and cooler near the head, making this central heating solution healthy as well.