TV3’s The Block NZ: Season 5 Girls Vs Boys

Niki and Tiff's Living Room
Central Heating New Zealand, as New Zealand’s leading supplier of central heating products, were really excited to be involved in Season 5 of TV3’s The Block NZ: Girls Vs Boys.

As the houses were renovated they had warm water central heating installed. This heats every room of the house creating a warm, comfortable environment throughout each house. The houses all have radiators installed which are sized for each room to provide the optimum heat output and get their heat from a single air-to-water heat pump outside. Our system in each of the houses was awarded an outstanding home star rating of 5.8 out of 6 available points in the EHC-1 (Energy Health & Comfort) category.

What’s in the Houses

Niki & Tiff and Sam & Emmet have the standard system Dlys & Dylz won the upgrade package and gave the same upgrade to Emma & Courtney

The Radiators:

DeLonghi PHD Radiators

  • World Class 25 year functional warranty
  • PHD (preferential heat diffusion) technology: front panels heat up first to bring warmth into the room faster.
  • Low water content for efficiency, they heat up faster than most other radiators.
  • Wide range of sizes and outputs available
Plus Aluminium Radiators

  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Modular design (can be added to)
  • Low water content
  • Available in two heights: 430mm and 680mm
  • 10 year functional warranty

The Heat Pump

DeLonghi Air-to-Water i-KIR2 0031 1P 9.3kW
DeLonghi’s i-KIR2 heat pump is the latest in their range. It features a single phase inverter compressor with an integral room controller for heating times and temperatures, including DHW production.
Max flow temperature of 60°C, min outside air temperature -20°C
Very low noise: Sound Pressure 50 dB(A)

The Controls

Each of the houses has a central controller to programme the heating system and control base temperature. The bedrooms have thermostatic values on the radiators which enable the temperature in each room to be adjusted.

Niki & Tiff and Sam & Emmet have the standard system Each house has one WiFi Thermostat which can be set on the unit or via an app on an Android or iPhone device.
The bedrooms have chrome thermostatic heads.

The cost of the heating systems

Below we have outlined the cost of the heating system in each house. These prices include GST and installation.

House Heated Area (approx) Cost (approx)
Niki & Tiff’s 116m2 $23,900
Dyls & Dylz’s 110m2 $25,300
Emma & Courtney’s 120m2 $25,700
Sam & Emmett’s 105m2 $23,400

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