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Congratulations to Sam and Emmett on winning this year’s Season 5 of The Block NZ.

14 August 2016

Congratulations to Sam and Emmett on winning this year’s Season 5 of The Block NZ and to Dyls and Dylz for winning the people’s choice award! Well done to all the contesting for producing 6 star energy rated houses and to Emma and Courtney for their outstanding 7 stars house. It’s great to see that all the contestants made a profit on their houses on auction night and we would like to thank them for their support in promoting our products throughout the show.

Heating the radiators with DeLonghi Air-To-Water Heat Pumps

5 August 2016

DeLonghi Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Heating the water that flows through the radiators in The Block NZ houses are DeLonghi Air-To-Water Heat Pumps. These air-to-water heat pumps used for hydronic central heating have a high efficiency and easy-to-use nature that suits kiwi homes perfectly. They are very compact in size and can be fitted in most locations.

Air-to-Water Heat Pump Technology

Air-to-water (hydronic) heat pumps are electrical appliances that convert large amounts of low temperature heat in the air to small amounts of high temperature heat to heat up the water circulating through the central heating system. DeLonghi air-to-water heat pumps can be used for underfloor heating, radiators (high temperature models only), swimming pool heating, cooling (with fan coil units) and domestic hot water.

The DeLonghi Difference

Unlike many other air-to-water heat pumps that are optimised for cooling in hot climates, DeLonghi air-to-water heat pumps are specifically designed for heating in cold climates. The heat pump’s fan, pump and compressor can adjust their output to suit the conditions, which allows them to maintain high efficiency in extreme cold.

Turning on the heat and keep things under control!

4 August 2016

Air-to-Water Heat Pump
Electrician wiring up air-to-water heat pumpThe electrician wires up the DeLonghi air-to-water heat pump which will be heating the water in the central heating system.

Central Heating Wi-Fi Controller

Central Heating Wi-Fi Controller and Smart Phone App

The heating in The Block NZ houses is now turned on and the easy to operate Wi-Fi enabled Central Heating Controller can be totally managed via an app on your smart phone making sure your home is cozy and warm before you get home from work.

Stepping into a warm home!

24 July 2016


Our plus aluminium radiator in the front entrance of Emma and Courtney’s house reiterates that central heating provides warmth and comfort to every area in the home.

Did you know?

In addition to the level of temperature control that radiators offer, the homeowners can also enjoy some of the other perks of using radiators such as drying clothes on days when outdoor drying is not possible. One homeowner said, “Just the fact that you can stand against it and get warm, and put clothes on it, and dry them”.

A radiator for any space

17 July 2016

Niki and Tiff's Dining Room and Kitchen

When space is limited there’s usually an ideal radiator option available. Here we can see how Niki and Tiff had limited horizontal wall space to place a radiator, so have used a vertical radiator between the dining room and kitchen. They have chosen a DeLonghi vertical radiator from the same series used throughout the rest of their house. This will give them the heat output needed for a great level of comfort in these rooms.

When space is limited or a design impact is desirable, there are plenty radiator options to choose from. For that design statement we have access to a wide range of designer radiators, a selection of which can be seen here. If wall space is limited, fan coils, trench heaters and kickspace heaters can be used to provide the heat required as seen here.

Dyls and Dylz’ Master Bedroom

10 July 2016

Dyls and Dylz Master Bedroom

Keeping control of the heat in the bedroom

Radiators are a really responsive method of heating a room that quickly gets the room up to temperature. The thermostatic heads on the radiators in the bedrooms on The Block NZ sense the air temperature, constantly adjusting the output of the radiator to maintain the desire temperature in the room.
The thermostatic heads come in white or chrome to best suit the décor.

In Dyls and Dylz’ master bedroom you can see another of the Plus aluminium radiators they won as part of the upgrade challenge. All of the radiators in the bedrooms on The Block NZ have thermostatic heads enabling each room to be controlled individually to maintain the desired room temperature.

Niki and Tiff’s living room reveal.

3 July 2016

Niki and Tiff's Living Room

The white DeLonghi Radiator is well positioned in Niki and Tiff’s living room keeping the occupants of the home warm while relaxing in front of the TV.

Congratulations to Niki and Tiff on winning guest bedroom this week!

26 June 2016

The Block Niki and Tiffs Winning Guest Bedroom

The PHD Universal Radiator by DeLonghi

We supply DeLonghi’s PHD Universal steel panel radiator as standard because they are efficient, versatile and durable. In DeLonghi’s PHD (preferential heat diffusion) radiators, the heat is delivered to the front panel first, allowing the radiator to warm the room faster than a typical radiator, which heats up the front and back panels evenly. All DeLonghi radiators come with a 25-year guarantee.

Congratulations to Niki and Tiff on winning guest bedroom this week which includes the white DeLonghi radiator blending in with the aesthetics of the room.

Our Plus Radiator upgrade seen in Dyls & Dylz’ kids bedroom reveal

12 June 2016

Plus Radiator in the kids bedroom on The Block NZ

Heating with our Plus Radiators

The Plus radiator is a sleek, die-cast aluminium radiator with a contemporary look and modular build. This means that the radiator can be changed to a variety of different lengths in order to suit specific spaces and outputs. Discerning clients choose this specific model because of how it exhibits both excellent performance and versatility while remaining stylish and low profile. Their low water content guarantees high efficiency and rapid response time.

With a splash of colour around Dyls & Dylz’ kids bedroom this week, our white Plus Radiator with chrome fittings can be seen sitting nicely against the bright walls.

Congratulations to the winners of the central heating upgrade.
So what have they won?

30 May 2016

Standard System:


White DeLonghi steel radiators with white thermostatic heads



The Upgrade Package:

Plus Aluminium Radiator Grey

Plus aluminium radiators with chrome thermostatic heads and the option to colour the radiators plus Wi-Fi- control of the system.



We’re heating TV3’s The Block NZ 2016

10 May 2016

We’re really excited to announce that we are going to be heating the houses in Season 5 of TV3’s The Block NZ. This is a great opportunity for us and the central heating industry in general. We see it as building on the awareness of central heating as a great option for heating in New Zealand, and should provide a lot of interest in the market.

Much more than that we can’t say for now, but we’ll be keeping you up to date as things progress and go to air.