Our Engineering Team

Central Heating New Zealand's engineering team is well-known for its expertise in central heating design. The company has been employing a team of engineers since 2007, which has now grown to eight members. Using qualified engineers for system designs and quotes has enabled Central Heating to deliver highly accurate and efficient solutions to its customers. Over time, the company's design process and tools have evolved, and the engineering team has developed its own heating design software that offers more flexibility than off-the-shelf options.

The software is purpose-built for the New Zealand market and is integrated with internationally recognised design processes for heating design. As the software was built in-house, the team has an intimate understanding of the calculations in the background, and can easily adjust them to suit unique projects or changes in construction methodology. 

Each member of the engineering team brings their own experiences and strengths to any engineering problem, allowing them to find practical and cost-effective solutions quickly. This innovative approach has allowed Central Heating to simplify and popularize central heating in New Zealand, and the team has many more ideas for improvements to share with the market in the coming years. 

Central Heating New Zealand's engineering team is working with specialist energy and fluid dynamics modelling software to test new solutions in a virtual world. This approach allows the team to quickly iterate changes and find the best solutions to deliver to the market. The team has a strong passion for energy efficiency and continuous improvement, which translates into world-class work for their customers.

The company values customer feedback and uses it to evolve and adjust its processes and documentation to ensure that customers receive the right information at the right time. Central Heating New Zealand's engineering team is a highly skilled and innovative group of individuals who are committed to delivering the best heating solutions to their customers.