From Residential to Commercial

Having been raised in a home with central heating, Roger understands the transformative power it can have on a living space. As an expat residing in Queenstown for the past 8 years, it was inevitable that he would come across central heating options in the New Zealand market. Working as the sales business development manager for the Central Otago region for the past 4 years, Roger has played a crucial role in introducing and providing hydronic central heating solutions to an area that faces extreme temperatures.

Through his ability to form meaningful connections with local installers and customers, Roger has acquired extensive knowledge of various heating systems. When an opportunity to expand his skill set arose Roger took the opportunity and is now our Commercial Manager.

In his new role, Roger is dedicated to furthering the growth of the commercial sector by cultivating relationships with mechanical specifiers to ensure that our products are specified in upcoming commercial installations. Collaborating closely with commercial engineers, they form a dynamic team that not only focuses on innovation but also delivers effective commercial hydronic heating solutions.

Outside of his work in creating innovative commercial applications for central heating, Roger finds joy in the mountains, treating them as his playground. Whether he's speeding down slopes on his bike or skis, he relishes the outdoor activities that Queenstown offers. And when weather conditions are less than ideal for his outdoor pursuits, he enjoys music with a refreshing cold beer or indulging in binge-watching compelling TV series with his partner.

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