Passing the baton

Introducing Tony, 4 months ago Tony joined our CHNZ family to work alongside Lyall to learn the ins and out, company culture, and all things to do with running CHNZ. Tony has filled the Smith’s boots as our new General Manager and looks forward to continuing to build on the Smith’s family legacy and the name Central Heating New Zealand has in the market. Tony is looking forward to creating processes and systems within the business and striving for further success.

Coming from a small town in the North Island called Reporoa, Tony ventured down to Dunedin to study and then went back to Waikato to start his early career before gaining extensive experience in multiple operations managers, general managers, and leadership roles over his career. Tony's history has provided him with a special skill set to lead a team proficiently. Tony has a drive for hard work and team effort which has clearly stemmed from his rugby days playing for the Dubai Exiles throughout the Middle East.

When Tony isn’t busy leading CHNZ and pushing to achieve the next target you can often find him on the greens playing golf or at home tackling a DIY project. Tony enjoys spending quality time with his 4 Jo’s – His wife Jo and their 3 teenage kids whose names all start with Jo. Tony is also a self-confessed rugby-nutter and enjoys watching as much rugby as possible!