Stuck in the 70s and a love for old cars

Julie has been the go-to person in our trade sales department since 2007. Known for her hard-working, kind and helpful manner, Julie is a ray of sunshine to everyone she deals with.

On 12 June, Julie celebrated turning the big 50! She celebrated in style at work, with a decorated desk, surprise morning tea, and then later further celebrated with friends, drinks, chocolate mud cake, and was gifted some beautiful plants to add to her vast collection. 

Mini Movie 2

Although many of you know Julie from your interactions with trade orders, what you might not know about Julie is; “I’m stuck in the 70s and love old cars”.

Julies' love for yellow minis came from Pork Pie 20 years ago. She even went to the drive-in movie premier of the new Pork Pie movie. Funnily enough, she got chatting to a guy (Matt Murphy) about her yellow mini…later he mentioned he was the director of the movie and his father directed the original Pork Pie. Julie admitted to having no idea who he was but that made the night extra special. So far, she has owned three yellow minis and at the start of this year purchased her second 1970 Morris Ute. “The Morris is as old as me!” She said.

Julie cutting birthday cake

Matt Murphy and Julie


Two weeks after her birthday whilst on her way to work Julie and her yellow mini were in a four car pile-up crash. Traveling 90km down the Southern Motorway in Christchurch, the traffic came to a sudden stop and her 1980s yellow mini's brakes (not ABS brakes) couldn’t quite stop her fast enough resulting in her crashing into the car in front of her. She was then hit from behind by a car traveling too close, which caused the mini and Julie to spin out 180 degrees into the next lane. Julie was left mostly unharmed, just a bit sore whereas her mini was officially made into a smaller mini.

Julies' 1980’s yellow mini has since been written off and she has received her insurance pay-out. When asked if she is looking for her next mini, she said “My mini was fun while it lasted.” Instead, she has opted to purchase something more solid and what is more solid than an outdoor stone 1.9m bath, which is tucked beautifully under her fruit trees. Craned into her backyard last week, Julie is happy that her new bath will remind her of her little yellow mini! Julie now zooms around in her beautiful white morri ute!