Trilingual and Passionate

Kelvin, who was born in Hong Kong, spent most of his childhood in Auckland. His fascination with the building industry was ignited by watching the construction of the Sky Tower in Auckland. Kelvin is an accomplished trilingual who can fluently speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. This unique skill set has been instrumental in his professional career, where he has collaborated with architects, architectural designers, consultants, and other building industry professionals.

Recently, Kelvin joined Central Heating New Zealand, and he is eager to expand his knowledge about our heating systems, business operations, and explore new opportunities and customer needs. Kelvin's expertise will be instrumental in promoting central heating to a diverse audience, particularly in the Asian sector.

When Kelvin is not working alongside architects and group home builders, he enjoys preparing delicious meals and watching sports or movies with his three furry companions. His two ragdoll cats and one toy poodle keep him company while he relaxes.

Kelvin and his wife share a passion for architecture and often explore different types of architecture, design, and culture in their backyard. They are enthusiastic about property development, which fills up their spare time. Kelvin is fortunate that his wife is an architect, which makes the process so much smoother. He spends hours behind the computer, using his creative side to create architectural renderings.

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