Central Heating Auckland

Central heating is a smart choice for combating Auckland’s changeable weather with short summers and cold, wet, and often windy winters - Central Heating can be installed in new or existing homes and buildings and can be tailored to your project’s needs so that every room is comfortable, even during the coldest months of winter. Central Heating New Zealand’s quality European products have proven to be ideal for meeting the central heating needs of Kiwis across the country.

Auckland Climate

Winter temperatures might not get quite as low in Auckland as in other parts of the country, but with an average low of only 7°C in July compounded with a peak cold and rainy season in June, July, and August, warm-water central heating works wonders in warming up the entire home while drying away any damp that creeps inside. Auckland’s weather, available resources, council requirements—all of this combined with your own personal needs and preferences play a part in determining which central heating solution works best for you.

Auckland's central heating preference

When it comes to providing heat for central heating in Auckland, gas boilers are the preferred choice. The North Island is blessed with a comprehensive reticulated gas network, which makes both the gas boiler running and installation costs very reasonable. Air-to-water heat pumps are a great solution for their versatility and low running costs and are commonly used for underfloor heating but are also suitable for heat with radiators too. Using the same air-to-water heat pump, you can provide a cooling relief to your floor slab in the warmer months – giving you warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer months, essentially two systems in one. Geothermal heating is a fantastic green solution for those with enough land who want to invest in their properties for the long term.

Radiator in seating area
Underfloor Kitchen and Dining

Radiator & Underfloor Heating

If you're thinking of renovating, radiator heating is a great option for you due their ease of installation and the variety of different styles and sizes available. They can respond quickly to Wellington’s weather changes, while underfloor heating can provide a steady warmth against inclement weather. Underfloor is most commonly used in new builds but Wellington homes with new extensions are also well suited to using radiators in the existing parts of homes and underfloor in the new extension. 

After discussing your needs together, we will direct you to an appropriate installer in the Wellington region who installs central heating systems with our products and design assistance. Whether you’re building a new home or bringing a bit more comfort to your existing home, they can walk through the process with you from start to finish. Our experienced design engineers and product specialists will support them and you whenever needed.


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With 15 years of experience in sales, construction, and architectural specifications, Lorilee brings her vibrance and fun personality to our team as our Auckland Sales rep.

Hard work has taken Lorilee from civil infrastructure to acoustics, cladding, roofing, and now the family of central heating. “I love being involved in the process of building from the ground up, being on-site, and seeing a building come to fruition.”

Lorilee will work closely with you to create a customized heating solution for you, your family, and your home. Talk to Lorilee today for a free quote.

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