5 Benefits to Servicing Your Heating System

So, you’ve had your heating system in your home for almost a year and realised your annual servicing is coming up…we get it, life gets busy and next thing you know you have completely forgotten about booking in your service.

Having central heating in your home is an investment for you and your family, constantly ensuring that they have warmth throughout the whole home…but much like a vehicle, without regular servicing, your system might begin to work harder than it should. So, we have put together 5 benefits that having regular servicing has. 

Servicing Heat Pump Annually

  1. Lower running costs
    The biggest benefit is making sure the heat source, be it a boiler or heat pump is working at its optimum. So clean filters, heat exchangers, and combustion chambers are essential to getting the most efficiency of running from your system.

  2. Reduced repair costs
    Reduced repair costs – regular maintenance reduces breakdowns. Our technicians will inspect your system and find areas that require repairs early before they turn into larger more expensive repairs.

  3. Peace of Mind
    Whether you have a heat pump, diesel, or gas boiler, our technicians will ensure that there are no potential leaks that could cause damage to you, your family, or home.

  4. Warranties
    A lot of our systems come with a warranty, some ranging from 5 to 25 years to give you peace of mind. But should a component of your system break down, you must have proof of your annual servicing for the warranty to remain valid. Find out more about your warranties here.

  5. Certified by us
    Central Heating New Zealand service systems in the greater Christchurch region, but should you request a service elsewhere in the country, we will happily direct you to a service technician in your area. Our network of installers and technicians have expert knowledge of central heating systems, and we stand by the quality of their servicing.


So, do not hesitate when it comes to booking in your annual servicing. To book your annual servicing click the button below or call 03 357 1233.

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Please note: During the heating season (April-August) there may be several weeks’ wait time for annual maintenance. We will work with you to arrange the time to service your system. If you have an issue that requires urgent attention, please make us aware of this.