Aftersales and Technical Support

Many will already know Connor as he previously worked at CHNZ for 4 years in the product and logistic team. Over the past year and a half Connor gained practical and hands-on experience installing heating and cooling air conditioning units which sparked his interest in the technical support. Returning to CHNZ Connor has joined the technical customer service team delivering help to customers via phone or in-person training.

Connors previous knowledge of our products and systems have allowed him to spend his time further developing his technical knowledge giving him comprehensive knowledge for troubleshooting. Not only did Connor Score 1 point in 2013 NZ Ultimate Frisbee National Champs, but he is also a champ when it comes to customer service. Connor’s electric personality makes him well suited for going around the country assisting with in-person training. If you want additional training, Connor can be easily bribed with a chocolate banana Chupa Chup!

When Connor isn’t helping customers, he can be found cheering at the top of his lungs over the Blackcaps or the Hurricanes whilst enjoying his selection of craft beers. On the days that sports aren’t on you'll find Connor cooking and reading books in particular a saucy Agatha Christie novel with a cup of earl grey.