Boundless Opportunities in Central Otago

Leaving behind the pristine white shores of Jervis Bay, Australia, in 2012, Alice embarked on a journey to the idyllic lakeside town of Wanaka, nestled in the southern region. Wanaka's snow-covered landscapes provided the perfect backdrop for her ski excursion. Blown away by the breathtaking views, majestic mountains, and boundless recreational opportunities, the decision to make Wanaka her new home alongside her partner, Tom, was an easy one.

With an impressive four-year experience at Mico Plumbing, Alice acquired hands-on practical and technical knowledge about plumbing products and systems. Her curiosity for understanding systems drives her to excel in gaining more knowledge. Her cheerful demeanour and knack for building relationships seamlessly integrated her into our team as the central representative for Business Development. Alice is enthusiastic about building strong and enduring connections with existing and future installers, merchants, and homeowners.

Beyond her professional aspirations, Alice's affection for Central Otago is deeply personal. She often finds solace in the great outdoors, adapting to the changing seasons. Whether gracefully gliding down snowy slopes on her snowboard or fearlessly conquering challenging terrains on her mountain bike, she fully embraces each adventurous pursuit. Weekends often see her out on a boat, fishing, or embarking on invigorating camping trips. Each of these experiences leaves an indelible mark, destined to endure the test of time.