Confidence in your heating system

So, you’ve been working with our sales team and decided on the heating system you would like in your home. We bet you cannot wait to experience the radiant warmth of your new central heating system. The next stage* is for our project managers to step in and take care of your installation. 

Customer Journey

Customer Journey is based on CHNZ Christchurch installation team and project/installation manager


As all Central Heating New Zealand radiators and underfloor systems are tailored to each customers’ home, our project managers work closely with you and your builder/property manager to ensure the installation is done correctly with minimal disruption to timelines, physical property, and budget.

Once the build is complete, Central Heating New Zealand puts an emphasis on ensuring our customers understand their system, how to operate it, and the importance of annual servicing.

To make this process easier, our friendly Installation/Project Managers will spend one on one time with you and go through all the important details to ensure you feel comfortable using your central heating system moving forward.

What to expect:

  • System overview and how the heat is emitted into your home
  • Details on how your heat source works and the day to day operation of it
  • The efficiency of your system and the best way to save on running costs and get results in terms of comfort that is customised to you and your family
  • What your manifold is and how it works if you have an underfloor heating system
  • How to change the temperature and the responsiveness of your system via your controller
  • How to top up your heating system if required (top-ups are done with every annual service when necessary, but we have videos to guide you through this process if you need to do it yourself)
  • How to manually reset a basic system error
  • How your hot water cylinder connected to your system works, even during the summer season if your heating system is switched to cooling mode
  • Overview of the performance expected during the first running season. (Please note that the first season of running the system in any home consumes more energy than the subsequent season due to the need to dry the house out after construction or renovations)
  • How to book your annual servicing and the importance of it. (Please keep in mind some warranties can become void if you have not annually serviced your heating system)

Servicing and after-sales support

A central heating system is much like a car where annual servicing is required to keep it in peak performance. As with all mechanical and electrical systems, faults can occur in years to come, but rest assured we have an outstanding after-sales technical support team who have a wealth of knowledge on our systems. If you do happen to have an issue, they are just a phone call away and will happily work with you to diagnose your problem and provide you with a solution.

Once your hand over has been completed, please don’t feel like you’re on your own. If you have any questions regarding your system or can’t quite remember how to do something, you are welcome to give us a call and our team will help you out.

 *Customer Journey is based on Central Heating New Zealand Christchurch installation team and project/installation manager, installations throughout New Zealand will be handled by your plumber or central heating installer and is expected to hand over to the customers as per Central Heating New Zealand’s standard.